Website Survey

Thank you so much to those who filled in the website survey. The survey is now closed and the results are below. Should you have any additional comments to make, please use the contact form or the email address on the contact tab.

The Website Now

50% of the respondents don’t use the website. Over the coming weeks we will endeavour to ensure it is a much more useful and vibrant place to visit, keeping you more involved with the fabulous things your children get up to and providing a valuable resource.

More Information

69% of parents wanted more information to support parents. We will ensure this is done, largely through the use of a wider range of useful links (which 56% wanted), as well as relevant information. The links section will be going live shortly, and will be continually updated with input from the children’s Changemaker team

Curriculum Guidance

On the website are the school brochure and handbook to give you specific information about our school. There are also many useful links about Curriculum for Excellence in the links section.


Many Gaelic parents wanted a higher profile Gaelic section – this is under development, with information about the Gaelic unit, as well as information and resources to support all parents with the learning of Gaelic.

Contact Information

As so many of you use the website for contact information, we have made the phone number and the email address easier to locate for whenever you need it.


We will be reinstating the school calendar with our school events, that will be live soon. We will also add the Argyll and Bute term dates to this, though they are also stored in the documents section of the website. Will will try and add relevant local events to the calendar, however our focus will mainly be what is happening in school.

What your child has been doing

The children’s blog and Twitter feed are our most commonly used forms of communication about what we are doing, we like the children to be involved in keeping you up to date about everyday activities and the great things that happen. We will be continuing our, “One Day In...” project, increasing the input by the children. This is one day every month where we photograph all our activities to give you a fantastic insight into everything that goes on under our roof. The website will also be used for more formal pieces of information relating directly to parents, such as newsletters and documents.

For your reference below, the results of the survey are shown in a table.



What do you use the school website for at the moment?
I don't contact information to see what my child has been doing curriculum information other
50% 31% 38% 19%




What kind of information would you like to see more of?

Information to support parents Useful links  e-safety information general curriculum guidance contact information what your child has been doing in class nothing
69% 56% 6% 56% 38% 56% 13%