Food for Thought



At Bowmore Primary School, we were awarded funding to support a topic that would increase the sustainability of our school grounds.


P6/7 researched the concept of food miles and how these affect our planet, we then asked what we could do to help reduce food miles. We agreed that growing food locally all year round would help reduce food miles so we visited our local community gardens to enquire as to what we could grow on Islay.


Tom Skinner at Islay Community Gardens supported us and informed us that, if we had a polly tunnel, we could grow crops all year round. We investigated the seasonality of various crops to inform ourselves as to what we could grow. A problem that we face is the long summer holidays where nobody is around to water the plants, as a solution to this we have purchased a solar powered irrigation system - an extra chance to learn about renewable energy!


Our polly tunnel, new gardening equipment and lots of seeds have been purchased. Our next step in to put up the polly tunnel, build our raised beds and get planting!